This quilt has a great use of squares, half square triangles and flying geese. By the shape they create together and with their layout they give the quilt the Moorish look you can see in the tiling found in the Alhambra palace (Granada, Spain). The finished design looks more difficult than it is to make it. For the dots you can use all sorts of print fabric, but make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the dots.

This pattern with instructions contains a throw size quilt. In addition to the colour combination in the picture, I have added two colour suggestions. As a bonus I’ve added a double and king size version of this quilt, with their own colour suggestions. To try out your own colour combination, you can nd colouring stencils for all three of the quilt sizes in these instructions.

This is another project that was published in the Bookazine ‘Quilting and Patchwork for Beginners’. The other four published projects are the Wonky Weave Baby Quilt, the Crisp Cool Coasters, the Diamonds and More Tote Bag and the Topsy-Turvy X Cushion Cover

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