Beach Chair restoration by Staceys Craft Designs

A friend wanted to discard these chairs, thankfully I was just in time to ‘save’ them.
The fabric of the smaller one was unattached and ripped. The bigger one was in an ok state till I accidentally tore through the fabric, whoops…
So then it was definite time to give these chairs some attention. I removed the fabrics, sanded down the wood and gave them a nice treatment with an oil based wood product.
For the bigger chair I decided to buy ‘real beach chair fabric’ in cheerful colours. This fabric is water resistant and woven to the width of the chair, so no sewing machine needed for this chair, only a hammer and nails.
The smaller chair has a different (removable) system to attach the fabric. This is done by sewing a tunnel on each end of the fabric. You guide the fabric/tunnel through a small slit between two bars at the top and at the bottom and secure the fabric with a bar you insert in the tunnel. For this chair I used (Ikea) fabric I had laying around.
Let the sun shine so I can enjoy my cheerful beach chairs.


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