On the internet you can find a lot of (reclaimed) wooden geometrical wall art and I love the way they look. So when I came across a big canvas frame I immediately thought of doing a fabric piece in that style. I used matching fabric to the linen lampshades I made.

On one hand I love how it turned out but I won’t be making another one this big (110 x 110 cm (43″ x 43″)). Because of all the diagonal lines it is very hard to achieve a piece that is 100% flat so you can fix it to the frame with enough tension it is crease free… First I tried it with just the ‘patchwork’ sewn piece. But It dit not work out at all. Therefore I decided to quilt it using nice and fluffy batting. That worked a lot better but still nog a 100% to my linking. But the overall effect is still quit stunning.


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