Christmas tree string art

For some fun handmade gifts I made a couple of Christmas tree string art  boards with little led lights. The […]

Very Vintage Lace Quilt

The wedding season is already in full swing. And if you ever wonder what to do with your wedding dress […]

Big geometric canvas

On the internet you can find a lot of (reclaimed) wooden geometrical wall art and I love the way they […]

Linen lampshades

These lampshades are made after similar shades I saw online. I used simple but quit thick linen fabric (Aina by […]

Sustainable Reusable Wooden Christmas Tree

(Klik hier voor het Nederlandse blog) We’ve had this wooden Christmas Tree for years now. I’ve designed it after we […]

Duurzame Herbruikbare Houten Kerstboom

(Click here for the English blog) Nadat we een paar jaar geleden een ongelukje hadden met onze (toen) geadopteerde echte […]

Superhero Capes

Our ‘little’ boy had his first children’s birthday party with a group of friends. He wanted his birthday party to […]

Aztec quilt

This quilt was specially designed and made for my aunts 70th birthday. The colours are inspired by her apartment so […]

Big Beach Bag

This big beach bag is super to take all the stuff I wanna take to the beach. I’ve made 6 […]

Jewellery Wrap and Roll

As my necklaces got tangled up in my accessory drawer, I decided to make a jewellery wrap or roll (who […]

Firemen Dress Up Costume

As I was going through my pictures I came across these, with our son proudly presenting the fireman costume I […]

Learning Tower

( klik voor het Nederlandse blog hier) Learning Tower As we wanted our son to get involved in what goes […]

Leertoren / keuken helper

( click here for the English blog) Omdat we onze zoon wilden betrekken in wat er zoal gebeurd in de […]

Christmas Stockings

This year I finally finished these Christmas stockings… I’ve started these in 2018 thinking I could finish them in two […]

Child Sized Rietveld Crate Chair

Gerrit Rietveld is a great inspiration for me in the way he produced affordable and comfortable furniture. Along with practicality […]

Recycled Jeans Chair Booster

Now that our son is growing bigger we got rid of the Ikea high chair we took with us on […]

Random Chevron Cushion

Besides hexagon designs I love designs with chevrons as well. I love the way you can play with colours to […]

Cute Mail Catcher

If you have a mail slot in your front door you probable know how annoying the pile of mail etc. […]

King Dress Up Costume

Our son used to run around with his half open sleeping bag trailing behind him shouting “I’m a king, I’m […]

Quilting Gloves Tip

I can recommend using ‘traction’ gloves, especially for quilting. It makes it so much easier! Less struggle with the whole […]

Christmas Cushions With Jeans Accents

These cushions are made with a table runner I had laying around for years. We used it a couple of […]

Kids size pouf

This pouf is really simple and straight forward. The denim style fabric with the added accent seams give it a […]

Smart Storage Under Sofa

As our little boy is growing bigger so is his amount of toys. You might have read before that our […]

Blue Minimalistic Cushions

For a change I’ve made something for myself (well for our home that is), two cool minimalistic blue cushions. The […]

Toddler bed

We’ve made this cute toddler bed by adding the house to a standard Ikea Cot. This bed has the option […]

Jeans Bottle Holder

If I can make it myself I will (at least I’ll try). A good example is a bottle holder for […]

Dough Roller As Seam Roller Tip

Quite a while ago I came across a wooden seam roller. I was very intrigued by this as I liked […]

Corner Book Shelves

All the renovations to our pretty rundown house were done by ourself. Well almost all of it, we had some […]

Hexie Cushion in grey

This hexie cushion lives with a family who love hexies. Because their love for hexies the choice to make them […]

A bit more about my Kastoor

I’ve already made a post about my new work spot in the house (as my sewing room turned into our […]

Storage Behind our Sofa

As we don’t have a very big house but do have a lot of ‘stuff’ I designed a practical yet […]

Bag for Ikea Antilop highchair legs

This highchair is great to take along, on holidays or to visit friends and family. The legs are very easily […]

Blanket Ladder

A great and decorative way to store and display your quilts and/or other blankets is to hang them on a […]

Daybed With Storage

In the corner of our kitchen we could have made a breakfast sitting area with a little table and some […]

Diaper Storage

For our little boy we use washable diapers, noooooo they are nothing like ‘in the old days’, no soaking in […]

Our custom baby gate

Friends of ours gave us this great rolling baby gate system. But as you can see below (in the bottom […]



Hi all, It’s been a very long time since my previous post. The truth is I was not so productive […]


Diamonds and More Tote Bag

A lovely big bag with foundation paper piecing accent in the middle. This big tote bag is great for doing […]


Wonky Weave Baby Quilt

A playful and airy baby quilt, made with simple techniques. This baby quilt is great to make either for a […]


Crisp Cool Coasters

Simple to make fun coasters with graphic quilt design. These coasters can be made in so many styles by changing […]


Alhambra Throw Quilt

This quilt has a great use of squares, half square triangles and flying geese. By the shape they create together […]


Topsy-Turvy X Cushion Cover

A great big (floor) cushion to chill on. This big cushion cover is great to make, as all the elements […]


Thin & Thick Pluses Quilt

This Thin & Thick Pluses Quilt is a fun, simple and a quick quilt to make. And it has lots […]


Recycled jeans play quilt

Somehow I love projects with (recycled) jeans, especially when they are for my dear little boy. I’ve made this play quilt […]


Simple wholecloth quilt

When you think of a wholecloth quilt you might think they are very intricate and a lot of work. Well […]


Jil Block Four

The fourth and last Jil block pattern is again a simple design that creates a great effect by changing the […]


Jil Block Three

Here is the third Jil block pattern. Again quite simple to make. If you make the blocks two fabric/colours designs […]


Jil Block Two

This second Jil block pattern is very simple and quick to make. If you play with the directions of the […]


Jil Block One

As my Jil quilt is built up with four different blocks and each block makes a great design on it’s […]


Jeans crib rail covers

Well actually I’ve made these rail covers for Morris’ playpen to prevent him from chewing of the pain from the […]


Jil Quilt pattern

I’ve made this quilt specially as a house warming present for my brother in law and his family. They actually […]

Totally Smitten Quilt

Totally Smitten Quilt Pattern out now

It took a little while to finish the Totally Smitten Quilt pattern as my little newborn boy Morris just loves […]


I’m totally smitten

I’m totally smitten with my son Morris, born two weeks ago. We’re doing fine and we’re enjoying each other. Due […]


Geometric Aztec Cushion

I’ve always been intrigued in how many different geometric designs can be made with triangles. This aztec cushion is an […]


Out now: five of my projects in Quilting & Patchwork (for beginners) bookazine

This great magazine with book content called Quilting & Patchwork for beginners is out in stores throughout the UK by now. I’ve […]


The progress on my hand sewn dots quilt

About two years ago now I started this project. This is an on and off project that I lay aside […]


Simple Pixelated Hounds-tooth Quilt Block

This block is a translation of a great classic design made into a simple block. Because of all the ‘pixels’ […]

patchwork tote bag front

Eclectic patchwork tote bag

A while ago I got all these upholstery fabric samples from my mum. She had gathered them to decide in […]


Diamond Sea Quilt Majestic Batiks Special

Together with Majestic Batiks I’ve created this special edition of the Diamond Sea quilt pattern. With their newest batik fabrics […]

String pieced canvas

String pieced canvas

This is the third and last (for now) piece of my canvas refurbishing project. For this string pieced canvas I […]

Hexie canvas

Hexie canvas

I just love hexagons in quilts and patchwork projects. So it only was natural to ‘devote’ one of my canvas […]

english paper piecing plusses

Canvas with english paper piecing plusses

For quite a while we’ve had five photo’s (by myself) blown up on canvasses on the wall in our living […]


Flying Arrows Quilt Block

Because I have so many ideas for quilts, I decided to turn some of them into quilt blocks in standard […]


Jeans Pouf in Segments made with old trousers

As you may remember, end of last year I’ve shared my Pouf in Segments pattern. This Jeans Pouf in Segments […]


Great grey hexagon cushion

What’s not to love about hexagons. I just love the geometrical en yet playfulness of them. I made this hexagon […]

Dotted Rectangles Quilt PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs [2]

Dotted Rectangles Quilt

What’s greater than giving someone a handmade gift. This quilt is a design I made for the 45th wedding anniversary […]

Patchwork coasters by Staceys Craft Designs

Patchwork coasters with a vintage feel

These coasters are made with a little charm pack that came with a magazine. I made them double sided, just […]


Pouf in Segments made with upholstery swatches

The design for this pouf started out with creating a base to braid knitted ‘cables’ around. But after I discovered these […]


Felt Advent ’candles’

Another couple of weeks till Christmas. For the count down to this merry event I’ve made these Advent ’candles’. They’re […]


Quilted Backgammon Game

This foundation paper pieced backgammon game makes a great (Christmas) present for adults or kids. Just use the colour combination […]


Felt Cameo Pendants

Always wanted a cameo pendant of your own head… Just make one with felt. I made these two pendants for […]


Pimped laptop cover

As I missed some handles and a pocket for my charger I pimped a basic white and black (ikea) laptop […]


Breezy Moroccan Leaves Baby Quilt

Don’t know if you’re making a quilt for a baby-boy or a baby-girl? Than this breezy Moroccan Leaves baby quilt […]

slim grey cushion by Staceys Craft Designs

Slim little cushion

Look at this cute slim little cushion. I made it to go with my Hexagoned Chevron Cushion. This time I […]

Hexagoned Chevron cushion PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Bright Hexagoned Chevron cushion

As it is summer time and sewing might not be a first priority I thought a nice small project is […]


More Patchwork name garlands

I just love to give these custom patchwork name garlands to the new babies of friends and family. By now […]


Fresh Diamond Sea Quilt

Yeah, I have a new quilt pattern out now to create this fresh Diamond Sea Quilt! My sister and her […]


Pimp a bag with felt dresden wheels

If you have a boring (felt) bag or one with a print on it you don’t like, just pimp it […]


Decorative patchwork hearts

Another great little project to make as a present. The two sides of these decorative patchwork hearts are made with […]


Little preview of my handmade dots quilt

Last year, I think it was september, I started this project. My idea was to appliqué loads of dots in […]


Bold Pouf Cover

I made this pouf cover for a pouf I had standing around to create some variation in the projects I […]

neutral-drunkards-path-cushion-by-staceys-craft -designs

Another Drunkards Path cushion in a tranquil colour scheme

The Drunkards Path pattern and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I love the effect of the round […]


Ship ahoy, Nautical Flags Quilt

A friend of mine loves to go sailing so designing and making this Nautical Flags Quilt for him and his […]


A small side step, needlepointing

Earlier this year my sister gave me a Rhombuses and Flowers Long Stitch Cushion Kit (by Vervaco). I finally finished […]


A retro sewing machine to add to my collection

Recently my sister and I were cleaning up our Grandma’s attic. I was very surprised and excited when the very […]


Simple quilted cushion covers

These cushion covers are easy to make. Just choose a nice fabric, take some thick batting and a backing fabric […]

Felt Dachshund by Staceys Craft Designs

WOOF WOOF, look who’s barking

Some people don’t want their dog to sit on the sofa. But this doggie is just made for it and […]

Forty Shades Of Chevron Quilt by Staceys Craft Designs

Forty Shades of Chevron

If you wonder where the name for this quilt came from; my sister turned forty and loves chevron. Two weeks before […]


Stacey’s Craft Designs now on Instagram

It’s a new year so I decided it’s time for another way to share my creations with you. I already […]

Dots table runner PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Dots, lamp shade cover or table runner

Another little christmas flavoured project. This cheerful Dots design can be used as a lampshade cover and as a table […]

Star lamp shade cover PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Star, lamp shade cover or table runner

This lampshade cover can be applied in two ways. If you like to see the stars all the time than […]

felt mushrooms by Staceys Craft Designs

How to grow felt mushrooms at home

What’s more exciting in the autumn than searching for mushrooms in the forrest. My favourite is the fly agaric. Every […]

English Paper Piecing Hexagon Cushion by Staceys Craft Designs

Pimped cushion cover with a burst of hexagons

The great thing of pimping a standard cushion covers is that you don’t have to sew the zipper, yay. I […]

Rainbow Quilts PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Three cheerful Rainbow Quilts

For me, a rainbow stands for light, happiness and joy. So designing quilts with rainbow colours in it has a […]

patchwork book cover by Staceys Craft Designs

Patchwork photo book cover with decorative machine stitches

I made this small photo book cover as a little thank you present, for the beach chairs I got a […]

Pyramid doorstop by Staceys Craft Designs

Pyramid shaped doorstops

Look at these great pyramid shaped presents I made. You can actually make doorstops in any shape or cuddly toy […]

Parquet Quilt PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs 2

From wood to a cozy Parquet Quilt

I designed this quilt as a housewarming gift for a friend of mine. The quilt design is inspired by a […]

Beach Chair restoration by Staceys Craft Designs

Beach Chair restoration

A friend wanted to discard these chairs, thankfully I was just in time to ‘save’ them. The fabric of the […]

Picture Frame Placemat PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Picture Frame Placemat Dutch style

This Picture Frame Placemat was a lovely birthday present. You could even make the placemat with real pictures that are […]

Summery Cushion front by Staceys Craft Designs

Summery Cushion

It’s summer and the sun is out to play and with sun and summer I think of yellow and simple […]

Lois Quilt PDF pattern by Staceys Craft Designs [1]

Lovely Lois Quilt

I have designed and quilted this ‘hexagon made with triangles’ quilt for a very special little lady, my niece. I […]

larger style_random strips and stripes cushion 2 by staceys craft designs copy

Random Strips & Stripes Cushions

What started out with one cushion has become a whole series. It all started with the Random Strips & Stripes […]

finer style_equal strips and stripes cushion by staceys craft designs

Equal Strips & Stripes Cushions

What started out with one cushion has become a whole series. It all started with the Random Strips & Stripes […]

larger style_slanting strips and stripes cushion by staceys craft designs

Slanting Strips & Stripes Cushions

What started out with one cushion has become a whole series. It all started with the Random Strips & Stripes […]

sneak peak next pattern by Staceys Craft Designs

Have a great Kings Day!

Because today it’s Kings Day in The Netherlands (where I live), I’m sharing this orange sneak peek with you of […]

simple coasters by Staceys Craft Designs

Simple round coasters

You can make great little projects of left over fabric. I had some rubberised fabric samples laying around so I […]

Easter Bunny and Chick in yellow felt by Staceys Craft designs

Happy Easter everyone

These simple felt Easter decorations are great to give as a little present or to decorate your house with. They […]


Look at what I got, a vintage Singer sewing machine

A couple of weeks ago I visited a friend who moved into her families farmhouse and found loads of interesting […]

Islands in a Stream pdf pattern by Staceys Craft Designs [2]

Islands in a Stream Quilt

I designed this quilt to match a yellow sideboard and a blue sofa. The result is a quilt with ‘islands’ […]

Drunkards Path Cushion with free motion pebbles by Staceys Craft Designs

Drunkards path cushion with free motion pebbles

Cushions are great projects to practice free motion quilting. I had a go with pebbling on this  40cm x 60cm […]

Islands in a stream pdf quilt pattern in blue and yellow by staceys craft designs

Sneak peek of my next pdf pattern: Islands in a stream

Sneak peek: PDF pattern to make this lovely quilt, with ‘islands’ in ocher yellow that pop out in a stream […]

felt cupcake pincuchion with strawberry by Staceys Craft Designs Cupcake

Felt cupcake pincushion

It’s been a while since I last showed you a project of mine. Busy times! I’m working on a great […]

Iveau logo backstitch embroidery cushion in grey and white by Staceys Craft Designs

Embroidered restaurant logo on cushion cover

Sometimes I like to do a little embroidery. My brother in law opened a great restaurant so as a gift […]

Felt Heart decorated with Buttons in yellow, white and pink by Staceys Craft Designs

Felt heart decorated with buttons

This heart is made in the same way as the ‘Felt hearts decorated with sequins’. This time I used a […]

Staceys Craft Designs Hexagon Quilt 1

Big and beautiful hexagons

Don’t you just love hexagon quilts? Well, I do! For this quilt I decided to test if I could sew […]

Patchwork Name Garland with felt appliqué by Stacey's Craft Designs

Patchwork name garland with felt appliqué

These patchwork name garlands are easy to make and doesn’t take to much of your time. I’ve made step by […]

Staceys Craft Designs Half Square Triangle cushion

Cool half square triangle cushion in green and blue

I’m really pleased how this half square triangle cushion in green en blue fabrics turned out. I really do love […]

Lovely baby girl pink bows quilt PDF pattern by Stacey's Craft Designs [1]

A quilt with lots of bows for a cute little girl

This quilt turned out to be such a lovely present for a little baby girl. I used only pink colours […]

Staceys Craft Designs Drunkards Path Cushion

Drunkards path cushion in lovely turquoise tones

The style of the Drunkards path design is always lovely. Although you have to be very patient to sew the […]

Staceys Craft Designs Felt Name Garlands

Felt name garlands

These felt name garlands make great baby shower gifts. I love that you can play with the colours, all mixed […]

foundation paper piecing Starry Night Quilt in red, white, black, grey PDF Pattern by Stacey's Craft Designs [1]

Starry Night, a paper piecing quilt

I made this quilt as a present for my mother. It fits really nicely as a runner on the end […]

Staceys Craft Designs Felt Hearts

Felt hearts decorated with sequins

For these felt hearts I cut out two bigger and two smaller hearts. I’ve decorated the smaller hearts with sequins. […]

Staceys Craft Designs Dresden Cushion Grey

Pimp your basic cushion covers with lovely Dresden wheels

A great way to spice up your basic cushion covers is to make a Dresden wheel on it. I’ve sewn […]