Besides hexagon designs I love designs with chevrons as well. I love the way you can play with colours to give them a calm look or mix the colours all up to create a more playful design.
This cushion I’ve made as part of a wedding present. I just love to give people hand made presents if I can. 

Would you like to make this cushion or a quilt in this design? Don’t wait and get your pattern below.

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This pattern includes step by step instructions to make this 50cm × 50cm (20″ × 20″) cushion cover. In the attachments you’ll find a colouring stencil to create your own colour combination. In the second part of this pattern I’ve added all the amounts and measurements to create quilts in this style. All quilt sizes are added, crib up to king size.

This PDF pattern contains:
  • Instructions with images & text
  • Measurements for:
    • CUSHION (ca. 50cm × 50cm (20” × 20”))
    • CRIB size quilt (ca. 100cm × 140cm (39″ × 55″))
    • THROW size quilt (ca. 140cm × 180cm (55″ × 70″))
    • SINGLE size quilt (ca. 160cm × 220cm (63″ × 86″))
    • DOUBLE size quilt (ca. 200cm × 240cm (78″ × 94″))
    • QUEEN size quilt (ca. 240cm × 280cm (94″ × 109″))
    • KING size quilt (ca. 280cm × 280cm (109″ × 109″))
  • Six extra colour designs (each of the quilt sizes has it’s own colour design)
  • Colouring stencils

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