Gerrit Rietveld is a great inspiration for me in the way he produced affordable and comfortable furniture. Along with practicality these are my main goals to achieve when I design furniture. I especially like Rietveld’s crate furniture, which he started to design in 1934.

So when we were looking into making a child sized chair for our son we didn’t have to think to long about recreating a design classic for our boy. I’ve resized the Crate Furniture Desk Chair so he can sit on it nicely. The chair is finished with white wash (Osmo) hard wax (which is very suitable for children’s furniture).

Gerrit Rietveld (Utrecht 1888-1964) was a Dutch furniture maker and designer and later in his life he became a renowned architect as well. His designs were innovative and groundbreaking in those days. Besides the iconic Crate chair his Red and Blue chair, Zig-Zag chair, Press Room chair and many other designs are still being produced today and can be found in modern interiors.


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