This year I finally finished these Christmas stockings… I’ve started these in 2018 thinking I could finish them in two weeks, just in time for Christmas. Well think again with a one year old crawling about. And then I tried again in 2019 and 2020 … Somewhere along the line I found out I made the blocks and chevron parts to big for the sock template I wanted to use and had to make those smaller again.
But this year I started a bit earlier (nooo not in the summer, but yes in November…) and finally finished them. I actually don’t know if they turned out too Christmasy …. Well I can always think of new ones and hope I’ll have them finished by 2025 or so.
And if you’re wondering what the wooden planks with decorations are…? Well that’s our Christmas tree, but more about that later next year.
Have a good one everybody and stay save!


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