If you have a mail slot in your front door you probable know how annoying the pile of mail etc. on your door mat can be. Also If you have glass in your door and you’re on holiday it becomes obvious quite quickly by the pile of mail collecting on the floor.

My sister and her husband had this problem as well and asked me to make a mail catcher for their door. It had to be big enough for 2 weeks of mail etc. So I studied other mail catchers, measured the front door and designed a semi circle version. It works like a charm and can hold lots of mail. They are very happy with it.


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2 Thoughts on “Cute Mail Catcher”

  • Hi – do you have a pattern for this please? It is a lovely design and I would like to make it for my elderly mother in law

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thank your for your compliment. No I have not made a pattern for this mail catcher. I designed and made it on the go.
      What I still do know about the mail catcher is that the sides are semi circles with a radius of 25 cm (10 inch), so the total height of the catcher is 50 cm (20 inch). The width is 40 cm (16 inch). The part that is flush with the door is closed as well, but has an opening for the mail slot. The mail catcher is connected tot the door with press fasteners with screws. I’ve made the mail catcher with cotton fabric on the outside and laminated fabric tablecloth material on the inside to give it some sturdiness.
      I hope this helps you a bit, good luck with your project.

      Kind wishes,

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