A lovely big bag with foundation paper piecing accent in the middle. This big tote bag is great for doing your shopping or to go to the beach with. Because it’s quilted with a layer of flannel in between it’s a sturdy bag with the added bonus of decorative quilt work. The intricate looking foundation paper piecing panel in the middle gives the bag extra flair and looks. Use some of your precious extra nice fabric to make a jewel of your own.

This pattern includes step by step instructions to make this 33cm × 14cm × 43cm high (13″ × 51⁄2″ × 17″ high) tote bag. In the attachments you’ll nd four colour designs and a colouring stencil to create your own colour combination.

This is another project that was published in the Bookazine ‘Quilting and Patchwork for Beginners’. The other four published projects are the Wonky Weave Baby Quilt, the Crisp Cool Coasters, the Alhambra Throw Quilt and the Topsy-Turvy X Cushion Cover


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