For our little boy we use washable diapers, noooooo they are nothing like ‘in the old days’, no soaking in buckets and boiling them on the stove… the washing machine does all the work! And the prints on these diapers are so cute (just check out the website of TotsBots and you’ll fall in love too! The best thing of all is they contain ‘the business’ much better than disposable ones and our boy has hardly any nappy rash. So better for our boy and better for the environment.

Alongside the washable diapers we use washable wipes. To keep all these wipes, bottle of wiping solution, ointment etc. organised I’ve designed and made a custom bag. To keep everything in it’s place the bottles and tubes go in little pockets in the main bag. We’ve been using this for quite some time and are very happy with this useful baggie.


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