Quite a while ago I came across a wooden seam roller. I was very intrigued by this as I liked the idea of not having to ‘fire up’ my iron all the time. So I went looking for a seam roller, but they are not easy to get here (The Netherlands) and ordering abroad made this simple tool very expensive… So after searching a bit more I came across a dough/pizza roller for a couple of Euro’s at a local cooking and lifestyle shop (Dille & Kamille) unfortunately they do not longer sell them (but HEMA does 😉 ). But if you search the internet you can find alternatives, search for pizza roller, pizza rolling pin, dough roller etc. Make sure you have something that looks like mine in the pictures. With an upright handle so you can use it with one hand.

I was sceptical how well this would work. But it works fabulous! I use my pizza roller whenever I can. I like the result much better than with the iron! It’s so simple and quick I really really love it!!


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