Forty Shades Of Chevron Quilt by Staceys Craft Designs

If you wonder where the name for this quilt came from; my sister turned forty and loves chevron. Two weeks before her birthday I came up with the idea to add a quilt to her other birthday present. My first idea was to design a simple black and white colour scheme. As this turned out to become to basic I added some grey. This lightened the design but it still needed something extra so I added a row of light blue. Together with the different designs of the fabrics it creates a friendly fresh modern quilt.
There are several ways you can make chevron quilts. Because I had only two weeks to complete the whole quilt, and making half square triangles is a bit more time consuming, I made this quilt with rectangles. In my opinion the fabric designs I choose also works better with the rectangle technique, as does the minimalistic colour choice.
So all in all I’m very pleased with the result and my sister is very happy with the quilt. And so are her pets (two cats and a dog). Although they are not allowed to, they keep on sneaking on the sofa to lay on the quilt. Wow, how’s that for a compliment huh!

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