Yeah, I have a new quilt pattern out now to create this fresh Diamond Sea Quilt!

My sister and her partner bought a new house and they have this great light grey and green style going. So as a housewarming present I designed this Diamond Sea Quilt for their new home. I think it just looks great on their sofa!

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This pattern with instructions contains a throw size quilt. In addition to the colour combination in the picture I have added another two colour suggestions. To try out your own colour combination, you can find a colouring stencils in these instructions.

This PDF pattern contains:
  • Instructions with photo’s & text
  • All the necessary measurements for a throw size quilt (ca. 140cm × 180cm (55″ × 70″)
  • Colouring stencil
  • Two extra colour suggestions

If you are interested in a queen size quilt in this design, have a look at the Diamond Sea Quilt Majestic Batiks Special. This pattern includes throw size and queen size quilts in two colour designs.


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6 Thoughts on “Fresh Diamond Sea Quilt”

    • Hi Letha,

      A special edition of this pattern is on it’s way, including a queen size version.
      I’ll send you an e-mail once I’ve published it.

      Kind wishes,

  • Hi Stacy,
    I am interested in this pattern and was wondering what you would say the difficulty is? I have made many quilts over the last few years but I tend to keep it pretty simple.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Detchon,

      If you have experience in making (simple) quilts this quilt should be no problem for you.
      All my patterns have step by step explanations using text as well as pictures and/or drawings to make each step as clear as possible.
      If you should have any questions you can always contact me for feedback.

      Kind wishes,

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry you didn’t receive the pattern directly. I’ve just send you an email with the pattern attached.

      Kind wishes,

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