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The patterns sold at are patterns including instructions (in PDF format). These are extensive photo tutorials, schedules and descriptions to create a quilt or patchwork item. Although all patterns consist of clear work descriptions, basic knowledge of patchworking and quilting is recommended. Each pattern has been created with a great amount of care. However, Stacey’s craft & designs is not responsible for any consequences caused by mistakes or unclarities in the patterns. If you do find a mistake or an unclarity please contact Stacey’s craft & designs. All patterns are for personal/non-commercial use only. It is prohibited to sell and/or distribute any of these patterns without written consent.


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After purchasing a custom colour design service at Stacey’s craft & designs, you will receive an email within 7 days with the customised colour design in PDF format. If I cannot carry out the order, for whatever reason, I retain the right to cancel the order. In that case you will be informed via email.


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