Islands in a Stream Quilt

I designed this quilt to match a yellow sideboard and a blue sofa. The result is a quilt with ‘islands’ in ocher yellow that pop out in a stream of blue fabric. This quilt is not so difficult to make because most parts are slanting. So if you sew a bit askew, no one will notice.
The pattern with instructions for this quilt contains 1 quilt with 4 colour suggestions additional to the colour combination you see in the pictures.
In the second part you will find 4 bonus cushion designs in the style of the quilt. All with their own look. You can also find colouring stencils for the quilt and the 4 cushion designs in these instructions and to calculate all the fabrics for your own colour combination I have added calculation forms for all the designs.

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€ 9,00


Pattern preview click here

This PDF pattern contains:
• Instructions with photo’s & text
• All the necessary measurements
• Main quilt, 130×165cm (51″×65″)
• Bonus cushion 1: 40×40cm(16″×16″)
• Bonus cushion 2: 50×50cm(20″×20″)
• Bonus cushion 3: 60×60cm(24″×24″)
• Bonus cushion 4: 40×60cm(16″×24″)
• Four colour combination suggestions
• Colouring stencils
• Calculation forms

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