Well actually I’ve made these rail covers for Morris’ playpen to prevent him from chewing of the pain from the rails. He’s now 4 months old so maybe a bit early but I like the way they look so we’re already keeping them in place.
I’ve made these covers with pieces of old jeans pants. They also have a flannel batting and cotton backing to make them extra sturdy. No teeth will go through them.
The tipi baby-gym and crochet blanket you see in one of the pictures are made by younger (tipi) and older (blanket) sisters (have a look at all her great projects: tEE-wE crochet & crafts). So much handcraft going on in my family and Morris is the lucky receiver off lots of cool handmade items. Next project is a jeans quilt for the floor to play on. By than my jeans supply should be all used.

You can find the info on the ‘Totally Smitten Quilt’ here.


My patterns are also for sale at:


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