As my necklaces got tangled up in my accessory drawer, I decided to make a jewellery wrap or roll (who knows…). It keeps al my necklaces and other accessories organised and gives a great overview of what I can choose from. And not only handy at home but also to take along while traveling.

I did not make instructions, but if you are interested to make your own, here are some sizes and tips to help you on your way:

  • finished width: 31,5 cm
  • finished height (unfolded) 31,5 cm
  • fold down top 3,5 cm
  • fold up at bottom 7 cm
  1. I cut two 33 cm x 33 cm squares of fabric.
  2. Made the bias binding and pinned those on the right side of the inside fabric.
  3. Lay the two squares right sides together (with the binding for the necklaces in its place).
  4. Sewed around with a 1/4 inch seam, leave an opening to turn the right side out.
  5. Topstitch all around.
  6. Pin bottom flap up and sew the vertical seams to dived the ‘necklace sections’, I used 3,5 cm distance between each.
  7. I attached the wider binding for rings at the bottom and at the top I attached two small push buttons to access the rings.
  8. There’s a bigger pocket at the bottom of the ring strap, I use this for bangle bracelets or a small pouch with drawstrings with earrings. You could ad a zipper here to create a close pocket … but I hate sewing zippers so I took the easy way out 😉

Enjoy making your own!!


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