Hi all,

It’s been a very long time since my previous post. The truth is I was not so productive in the sewing department in the last, uhm, well year or so. Or probably one and a half year as that’s the age of big little mister Morris. I’ve been very occupied with my little boy and due to the lack of sleep I’ve not been very fit.

As we don’t have a very big house we also had to reorganise some things in our home, especially my sewing room. This took lots of sorting out, cleaning up, downsizing and lots more. After lots of work by my partner and me, I now have a ‘Kastoor’ in our living room. A great old oak linen closet re-modelled as ‘fold out office/sewing area’. I call it ‘Kastoor’ as in Dutch a closet is a ‘Kast’ and an office is a ‘Kantoor’ so put these two together and you get ‘Kastoor’. It’s a great flexible workplace for me, which I can pop open and start sewing or designing quite quick. The interior needs some finishing touches but I first wanted to use the space for a while to see what it might still need or I’d like different. I’m very happy with my new space and how the old closet turned out.


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