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Learning Tower

As we wanted our son to get involved in what goes on in the kitchen (and I was fed up of him hanging on my legs or I had to carry him so he could see what’s going on) we’ve built him a learning tower. We did not much like the look of the ‘hacks’ going around on the internet so I sat down and designed a learning tower. After two test models (in spruce) we’ve built this one in oak. We love the learning tower and so does our son Morris. 

We started to use the learning tower when our son was just 1 year old. He could not walk unaided yet but could climb and crawl as the best so he could get in and out of the learning tower all by himself. And now more than 3 years later we still use the learning tower on a daily basis, to wash his hands and to help prepare food, or just to join me in the kitchen to ‘help’ and have a chat. The tower is so sturdy that I even use it to reach the top kitchen cabinets.

And the greatest thing is you can build one for your kid as well! I’ve made DIY plans with instructions, including all necessary measurements and clear images on what to do. A little practice with tools and wood is recommended but this design does not have any difficult joints. Just make sure that during assembly things are square and perpendicular and you’re good to go.

I can assure you your kid will love it and will learn so much in the kitchen. How to help (make a great big mess…) how to prepare food (eat all the good bits during preparation..) and so much more.

— I do want to note that a learning tower is not a toy and needs to be used under adult supervision! Also make sure to place the learning tower (and your kid) away from dangerous objects (knives, stove etc.)

Want to make your own learning tower, get your DIY plans & instructions here:

BUY THIS (metric) DIY PLAN   
– at my Etsy shop –

BUY THIS (inches) DIY PLAN   
– at my Etsy shop –

These DIY plans & instructions include step by step instructions to build this learning tower. All the necessary information about materials, tools and sizes are included. This plan is set up in standard wood sizes. Also you can choose between three heights for the tower: 90, 92 and 94 cm (35″, 36″ and 37″). Choose the height that is the closest to the height of your counter top.

I think a little practice with tools and wood is recommended. But this design does not have any difficult joints. The trickiest part of this project is the assembly I’d say. To make sure all (that needs to be) is perpendicular etc..

— Always use the learning tower under supervision of an adult! —

Dimensions of finished tower:
  • Height: 90 cm, 92 cm or 94 cm (35″, 36″ and 37″)
  • Width: 40 cm (16″)
  • Depth: 50 cm (little under 20″)
  • Standing height: 50 cm (20″)
Tools required:
  • pencil
  • ruler / tape-measure
  • sliding bevel
  • square
  • saw
  • awl
  • (electrical) drill
  • right angle drill chuck (optional)
  • 2 mm and 4 mm (wood) drill bits
  • countersink
  • screwdriver / bits
  • 20 mm spade bit or forstner bit
  • plane (optional)
  • jigsaw (optional)
  • sandpaper
This building plan with instructions contains:
  • description of all materials
  • all dimensions in inches to build this learning tower
  • list of tools
  • step by step (illustrated) explanation
  • required drawings for two timber sizes and 3 learning tower heights
  • templates to mark the drill holes

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