Friends of ours gave us this great rolling baby gate system. But as you can see below (in the bottom two pictures), we have a funny little corner where the wall is shorter than our stairs. Therefore to fit a standard baby gate was not possible.

We could have bought a different system with a corner piece, but you probably guessed it already we made another one of our spruce wood projects of it. Yes, this style is going throughout our home, we just love the look and the way we can work with this wood. So our custom fitted baby gate with a secure window closure (with two way opening system) is the best solution for our stairs and the safety for our son. Plus we find the closure so much easier than on the standard baby gates. While visiting friends or family I often had a fight with their baby gate, ending with me just climbing over the gate most of the time…. No fights with this gate, only the occasional fight with our toddler…


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