This great magazine with book content called Quilting & Patchwork for beginners is out in stores throughout the UK by now. I’ve been asked to design a variety of simple beginners patchwork and quilting projects for people to get started and use all the ‘new found knowledge’ in this bookazine. In the pictures you can see the cover and the five projects I’ve designed and I must say they look great in print 😉

The bookazine is not available anymore, but the patterns are available in my shop click on the image below for more info!


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2 Thoughts on “Out now: five of my projects in Quilting & Patchwork (for beginners) bookazine”

    • Hi Gina,

      Thank you for your compliment. Yes these projects are quite easy. I don’t think the Bookazine is still available. But all the projects I designed for this issue are available in my Pattern Shop
      I’ve added the links to all the projects to the post text.

      Kind wishes,

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