The design for this pouf started out with creating a base to braid knitted ‘cables’ around. But after I discovered these great upholstery fabric swatches I had laying around, the basic design turned into something not so basic. I really love the result of the colours twisting around the pouf. I achieved this look by using the colours in a diagonal direction. And because I started with the darker colours on the top and used lighter ones towards the bottom the pouf turned out to have two totally different looks if you turn it around. I call them the ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ side. I did start to make the knitted ‘cables’ so maybe I’ll make a removable cover to change the look of the pouf now and then.

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This pattern with instructions contains a 50cm wide × 35cm high pouf. In addition to the colour combination in the picture, I have added other colour suggestions. To try out your own colour combination you can also find a colouring stencil in these instructions.

This PDF pattern contains:
  • Instructions with photo’s & text
  • All the necessary measurements for the pouf of 50cm wide × 35cm high ( ca. 20″ wide × 14″ high)
  • Colouring stencil
  • Two extra colour suggestions

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