Learning Tower DIY plan INCHES version


This building plan with instructions contains:

  • description of all materials
  • all dimensions in inches to build this learning tower
  • list of tools
  • step by step (illustrated) explanation
  • required drawings for two timber sizes and 3 learning tower heights
  • templates to mark the drill holes

For the METRIC version in English click here.

Voor de Nederlandse versie klik hier.




These DIY plans & instructions include step by step instructions to build this learning tower. All the necessary information about materials, tools and sizes are included. The wood sizes used in these plans are for standard wood 1-in × 3-in and 1-in × 4-in (nominal). Also you can choose between three heights for the tower: 35″, 36″ and 37″. Choose the height that is the closest to the height of your counter top.

I think a little practice with tools and wood is recommended. But this design does not have any difficult joints. The trickiest part of this project is the assembly I’d say. To make sure all (that needs to be) is perpendicular etc..

— Always use the learning tower under supervision of an adult! —

Dimensions of finished tower:
  • Height: 35″, 36″ or 37″.
  • Width: 16″
  • Depth: little under 20″
  • Standing height: 20″
Tools required:
  • pencil
  • ruler / tape-measure
  • sliding bevel
  • square
  • saw
  • awl
  • (electrical) drill
  • right angle drill chuck (optional)
  • 3/32-in and 5/32-in (wood) drill bits
  • countersink
  • screwdriver / bits
  • 3/4-in spade bit or forstner bit
  • plane (optional)
  • jigsaw (optional)
  • sandpaper

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