Lois Quilt Pattern


This PDF pattern contains:
• Instructions with photo’s & text
• All the necessary measurements
• Main quilt, child size ca. 100cm × 140cm (40″ × 55″)
• Bonus Quilt 1, hexagon shape: ca. 140cm × 165cm (55″ × 65″)
• Bonus Quilt 2, full or double size ca. 200cm × 225cm (80″ × 90″)
• Six colour combinations in total
• Colouring stencils & Calculation forms

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This pattern with instructions contains a child size quilt. In addition to the colour combination in the picture you can find another four colour suggestions including ideas with different coloured small hexagons to make them pop out. These instructions also give you the option to choose if you like to appliqué the small hexagons or not. This option is integrated in the step by step instructions. In the second part you will find two bonus quilts. One of them has a hexagon shape and the second bonus quilt is a full or double size quilt. Both the bonus quilts have their own colour suggestions. You can also find colouring stencils for all the quilt designs with and without the small hexagon appliqué in these instructions, to try out your own colour combination. And to calculate all the fabrics for your own creation I have added calculation forms for all the designs.


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