Star Lamp Shade or Table Runner Pattern


This PDF pattern contains:
• Instructions with pictures & text
• All the necessary measurements
• Lamp shade cover/table runner S: 31cm × 120cm (121⁄4″ × 471⁄4″)
• Lamp shade cover/table runner M: 36cm × 186cm (141⁄4″ × 731⁄4″)
• Lamp shade cover/table runner L: 41cm × 220cm (161⁄4″ × 861⁄2″)
• Quilting suggestion for all three covers / runners
• Colouring stencils & fabric sizes
• Calculation schedules


This lampshade cover can be applied in two ways. If you like to see the stars all the time than attach the cover with the stars outwards. If you like a more tranquil look than attach the cover with the white outwards. This way the red stars will shine through once the light is switched on.
If you like the design but don’t want a lamp shade cover than the pattern can be used to create a table runner.These lamp shade cover instructions are made for Ikea lamp shade Nymö. All three available sizes are covered in these instructions.
Besides as a lamp shade cover, you can use this design as a nice table runner.
In the attachments you’ll find colouring stencils to try out your own colour combination, including an overview of the fabric sizes. You can also find calculation schedules to calculate the cover for your own lamp shade size. Please note that these instructions are only for straight cylindrical lamp shades.


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