About two years ago now I started this project. This is an on and off project that I lay aside for a while and will start on it again. Well in the last year (since my first post about this hand sewn project of mine) I’ve completed the appliqué of all the dots, there are about 85 of them on this queen size quilt.

In the last week I’ve basted this quilt with hand stitches. Normally I use safety pins when I’m going to machine quilt my project. But as I have still set my mind to hand quilting this project, I decided on hand stitching. I’ve added a more detailed picture where you can see the hand stitching, it’s almost the same colour as my background fabric, but you should make it out.

So wish me luck, I going to start with the hand quilting now. Not sure yet if I will use a hoop or not, I’ll probably try both techniques. I’ll let you know how it’s going!


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