Random Strips & Stripes Cushions

What started out with one cushion has become a whole series. It all started with the Random Strips & Stripes cushions. After finishing these, I thought a cushion in Equal Strips & Stripes would also look great. For the third style I threw overboard the straight lines and went for Slanting Strips & Stripes.

This pattern with instructions contains two styles of (quilted) cushion covers. The first style is the ‘finer style’ you see in the first picture. And the second style is a ‘larger’ version of the finer style. You can find the instructions for four different cushion sizes for these two styles. Each style and cushion size has its own colour suggestion and matching fabric sizes for your convenience.To try out your own colour combination you can find colouring stencils including calculation schedules for both the cushion styles and all the sizes. And as an extra I have added some simple quilting ideas.

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The Random Strips & Stripes cushion also has two ‘siblings’  Equal Strips & Stripes and Slanting Strips & Stripes. If you are interested in buying all three Strips & Stripes patterns in one go for a special price, have a look here.

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This PDF pattern contains:
• Sewing schedule with instructions
• All the necessary measurements
• Finer style cushion in:
– 50cm × 50cm (20″ × 20″),
– 60cm × 60cm (24″ × 24″),
– 40cm × 60cm (16″ × 24″) and
– 40cm × 40cm (16″ × 16″)
• Larger style cushion in: 50cm × 50cm (20″ × 20″), 60cm × 60cm (24″ × 24″), 40cm × 60cm (16″ × 24″) and 40cm × 40cm (16″ × 16″)
• Colour combination suggestions for each design
• Colouring stencils & Calculation forms
• Three simple quilting ideas

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