A friend of mine loves to go sailing so designing and making this Nautical Flags Quilt for him and his family was very obvious to me.

Nautical flags in different versions have been used for a very long time. They were used to communicate with ships. In 1857 the British published the International Code of Signals to standardise the use of the flags. Over the years the meanings have been elaborated and more flags have been added. Nowadays there are 26 flags and each flag spells an alphabetic letter and has a specific standard meaning.

As I needed 15 flags for my quilt design I had to make a choice which ones to use. First I discarded all the flags that didn’t have a rectangle shape and the ones I didn’t like the meaning of. I then chose the ones that worked best for the design. As all flags have their own colour combination the fabric colours were a given. I made sure to use some nautical fabric designs combined with other designs that matched the theme. Playing with three sizes resulted in the Nautical Flags Quilt you can see in the pictures.

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This pattern with instructions contains step by step instructions for each flag and how to assemble the top. Want to try out a different colour combination? I have added a colouring stencil so you can try out other colours combinations. Although, than you might be sending a different signal 😉

This PDF pattern contains:
  • Instructions with photo’s & text
  • All the necessary measurements for a throw size quilt (ca. 135cm × 155cm – 53″ × 61″)
  • Quilting suggestion
  • Colouring stencil

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