slim grey cushion by Staceys Craft Designs

Look at this cute slim little cushion. I made it to go with my Hexagoned Chevron Cushion. This time I wanted to make a different size cushion (in stead of 50cm x 50cm) so I made this one 20cm x 50cm.

As top fabric I used a grey uni coloured cotton and drew the rhombuses quilting pattern on the (white) backing fabric. Quite simple, and because I drew the quilting pattern on the backing fabric I didn’t have to worry about removing the marks (or as happened in a previous project, discolouring my fabric).

I love this rhombuses design and it looks great quilted in the same colour thread. You could also quilt in a contrasting thread colour to make the quilting stand out more. I’m very pleased with the result of this little side project.


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