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We’ve had this wooden Christmas Tree for years now. I’ve designed it after we had a bit of a disaster with our (then) adopted real Christmas Tree. We loved the concept of having a real tree in a big pot which went back in the ground till next Christmas. But as the big bucket (or whatever we used then) was leaking and ruined our wooden floor we quite quickly fell out of love with the concept.

After we had an accident a few years ago with our (then) adopted real Christmas tree, I designed this wooden Christmas tree. We thought it was a great idea to have a real tree in a big pot that goes back into the ground after Christmas. But because the large planter was leaking and our wooden floor was damaged, we were quite quickly done with this concept.

We didn’t want to buy a (plastic) fake Christmas Tree and looked for a more sustainable alternative. With the requirement that it could be taken apart for storage in the attic. Thus, the idea of ​​a wooden Christmas tree was born (and created). Over the years I made a lot of extra Christmas ornaments and knitted some green ‘sleeves’ for about 1/3 of the branches. So our tree is always chockablock with decorations and of course lights. If you’d like to make your own sustainable reusable wooden Christmas Tree I’ve made DIY plans & instructions for you!

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These DIY plans & instructions include step by step instructions to make and build this Christmas Tree. All the necessary information about materials, tools and sizes are included.

The wood sizes used in these plans are for standard (soft)wood sizes.

The inch notations are based on standard (soft)wood 1″× 3″ and 2″×3″ (nominal). NOTE that the inch measurements and notations in this plan are based on standard inch sizes (imperial) and not just converted from cm (metric)! So there is a slight difference in size between the cm and inches version.

The tree is approximately 2 meters (6½ feet) high and 110 cm (44 inch) wide (at the bottom).

Dimensions of finished tower:
  • Height: 200 cm (6½ feet)
  • Width: 110 cm (44 inch)
  • Depth: 110 cm (44 inch)
Tools required:
  • pencil
  • ruler / tape-measure
  • square
  • saw
  • awl
  • (cordless) drill
  • >14 mm (>½” OR ⁵/₈”) (adapt to threaded rod thickness) and >32 mm (>1¼”) drill (adapt to washer size)
  • chisel (for making cross halving joint) OR a jigsaw and wood file
  • plane (optional)
  • sandpaper
This building plan with instructions contains:
  • description of all materials
  • all dimensions in mm to make this Christmas Tree
  • list of tools
  • step by step (illustrated) explanation

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