As our little boy is growing bigger so is his amount of toys. You might have read before that our house isn’t very big and we’re always on the lookout for extra storage space. These drawers are another great use of ‘space with no purpose’. They look neutral enough to not be an eye sore and work great. Slide them open and dig in the Lego Duplo and build whatever you want!! A big plus is also that the drawers are big and shallow, so for toys like Duplo it works super.

The drawers are made with spruce sides and a plywood bottom. We finished the drawers with the same light grey interior wood stain and finisher as the storage behind our sofa. We’ve added plastic strips to the bottom to make them slid easier on our rug. We’re big fans of these drawers. 

On our sofa you can see the Blue minimalistic cushions, read more about these here.


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