Another great little project to make as a present. The two sides of these decorative patchwork hearts are made with different techniques. One side is made by sewing strips of fabric together in a diagonal direction (see left pictures) and the other side is done by sewing around a centre piece of fabric (see right pictures). Create a patchwork piece that is big enough to cut out your heart shape. I did this by¬† making a template of my heart on a thin piece of cardboard, don’t forget to add seam allowance. My finished hearts are about 15cm (6″) high. Place the right sides of the patchwork hearts together and sew. Do not forget to leave a part unsewn to turn the heart inside out and to fill it (tip: do this at the straighter side, that’s easier to close). Attach a ribbon with two decorative buttons (one on each side) and your patchwork heart is finished.


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