• Diamond-Sea-Quilt-Majestic-Batik-special
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt-Majestic-Batik-special
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt-Majestic-Batik-special
    throw size - Majestic Batik special
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt-Majestic-Batik-special
    queen size - Majestic Batik special
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt
    original colours
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt
    throw size - original colours
  • Diamond-Sea-Quilt
    queen size - original colours

Diamond Sea Quilt Majestic Batiks Special

Together with Majestic Batiks I’ve created this special edition of the Diamond Sea quilt pattern. With their newest batik fabrics I’ve designed a new version of the Diamond Sea quilt. Isn’t this a great version too?!

As Majestic Batiks is based in the US and I’m here in Europe, they’ve had the Diamond Sea quilt made in their batik fabrics and for those who were at the International Quilt Market in St. Louis you might have seen the quilt there at the booth of Majestic Batiks.

The Majestic Batiks fabrics and the printed version of the pattern are available in stores from July 2017, find your store here.

This pattern with instructions contains a throw size quilt in the Majestic Batiks colours and the original colours design. And by popular demand I’ve also added a queen size version in both of the colour designs. All the fabric codes used for the Majestic Batiks special are noted in this pattern.


Buy the PDF pattern via my website for the best price. Safe and easy via PayPal.

€ 8,50


Pattern content click here

This PDF pattern contains:
• instructions with photo’s & text
• all the necessary measurements in cm and inches for;
– two throw size quilts (ca. 140cm × 180cm (55″ × 70″))
– two queen size quilts (ca. 230cm × 255cm (90″ × 100″))

Pattern also for sale at:


Note that the prices at Etsy may differ due to the exchange rates.


  1. Christine Mason - 17/06/2017 reply

    This quilt is beautiful. Wondering how it will look on my bed – what size are the finished diamonds, please?

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your compliment.
      The diamonds are approximately 24cm (9 1/2″) high and 12cm (4 3/4″) wide.

      Kind wishes,

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